On New Year’s Eve, about twenty minutes before our guests arrived, I used the last six inches of my roll of aluminum foil. I was in the midst of preparing a five-course Italian feast and opted not to run out to the store to replenish my supplies. Needless to say, I have deemed aluminum foil a nonessential item and will be living without it for the next six months. OK, full disclosure: under the sink I have a couple small pieces of foil, including those last six inches, that have been washed and are available for reuse, but none are large enough to cover a 9×9- or 13×9-inch baking pan. Will I have to forgo lasagna and gratins?

I suffered a second casualty this morning when I pulled my citrus juicer out of the dishwasher and discovered it had cracked (but not yet split) nearly in half. We received a huge box of oranges as a Christmas gift this year, and my boyfriend-o, Channing, has been working double-duty using the juicer to crank out fresh orange juice for weekend brunches. Depending on how upset he is when he discovers the problem (he is presently asleep), we may have look for a used one on Freecycle.

Aluminum foil and juicer aside, the first day of the experiment went exceptionally well: I learned that Bernice and her husband, Dave, have decided to join us, at least for a month, and our friend Ed is interested in trying out the experiment as well. Ed seemed to lose a little of his eagerness, though, when I told him I was not planning to purchase any tissues for six months. (I use handkerchiefs and don’t purchase a lot of tissues anyway.) In any case, looks like we may have some guest posts in the future!