The No Stuff Experiment is a yearlong effort to go without buying new stuff. No new clothes, shoes, kitchen appliances, cars, books, etc. We can buy groceries and other necessities (soap, for example). We can go out to dinner, to a baseball game, or to the theater. Just no new stuff. The experiment probably won’t save the world or end the consumer economy, but we participants are hoping to recalibrate how we think about our own needs and wants. We are hoping to lessen our personal environmental footprints and discover something about what’s most important in our lives in the process.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Jill Says:

    This doesn’t seem particularly hard to me so I’d consider joining you to see if my perceptions are right about my spending habits. I haven’t bought anything except experiences in the last three days.

    I’m assuming used clothes, used books from freecycle or thrift store are ok. (I also assume you won’t be tagging along with Mom to the mall to get any new “free” clothes!)

    I’m wondering how you are defining essentials. I don’t use a lot of aluminum foil and probably won’t run out in 6 months so I guess I’m ok with that, but it makes me wonder if there’s other stuff that I throw in with groceries that you would consider non-essentials.

    I have plenty of parchment paper and construction paper on hand if you need me to mail it to you.

  2. Channing Says:

    I’m glad that baseball (and all events) are excluded from the experiment.

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